Member terms and conditions

1.Cognition and Acceptable terms and conditions

(1).AQUAGEN is based on the terms and conditions here to provide the service. ( When the members complete the membership registration or start to use this service, it means the members have read, understood and agreed all the content in the terms and conditions and completely accept current and future derivative items and contents. AQUAGEN has the right to modify or change any content of the terms and conditions and announce it on the website. We will not notify members individually and suggest members to regard this matter. Members who continue to use the service after any modification or change would be considered that they have read, understood, and agreed what has modified or changed. If the members do not agree the terms and conditions above or do not accept any one of them, they should stop using the service immediately.
(2) If members are juveniles who are under age 20, members's parents (guardians) shall read, understand and agree all the contents and any modification or change later on in order to be able to register as members and to use or continue to use our services. 
(3). Members and AQUAGEN both agree to use the service contents including meaning expression and would send through email as expression method. 

2. Member registration obligation

In order to use this service, members agree the items below:

(1).Based on the registration information members must provide accurate and up-to-date data and do not allow to use the third party to register as member. Each member is limited to register one account only and does not be allowed to have multiple registrations.
(2). We maintain and update members’ personal information frequently to ensure the accuracy and provide best service.
(3). If members provide any fake or error information or do not provide the information followed by instruction, missing required data, or duplicate the registration…etc. AQUAGEN has the right to temporary sustain or terminate the member’s account without notification in advance and has the right to reject the member’s activity from our service in any part.

3.AQUAGEN privacy policy

Regarding the member registration and other specific information, it will be protected and regulated by AQUAGEN privacy policy.

4.Member account, password and security

After finishing the registration process, members will receive a specific account and password. It is member's responsibility to keep the account and password safe. Any log-in information followed by required policy for accurate account and password match, no matter if it is entered in person, we will consider it as the member himself/herself and he/she is full responsible for all the activities.

Members agree the things below:

(1).  If member's account or password is hacked, stolen or any security related problems happen, he/she must inform AQUAGEN immediately.
(2).The member's account usage will be ended when disconnected.
(3).Member's account, password and benefits will be provided to the member himself/herself only. It shall not be lent, transferred or shared.
(4).If the account or password is hacked, or any abnormal usage or if AQUAGEN cannot identify whether it is used by member himself/herself, any damage or loss will not be responsible by AQUAGEN except it can be proved.
(5).If AQUAGEN finds out member's account/password is used by others, we will stop its usage including the transaction process immediately.

5. Children and Teenagers protection

 In order to ensure children and teenagers' security for Internet usage and prevent privacy violation, parents (guardians) must fulfill the duty: children under age 12 should be accompanied entirely for using the service. Teenagers between age 12 to 18 will be well considered before agreeing for usage. 

6. User's compliance and commitment

Members promise not to use this service for any illegal purpose nor method and commit to obey Taiwan laws and all Internet regulations worldwide. If the members are foreigners and agree to follow the local laws and regulations, they need to agree and promise not to harm others' right or use us for any illegal behavior. This is included but not limited to:

(1).Publish or deliver any defamation, insult, threat, attack, indecency, dishonest, public order violation or illegal wording, photo, or any types of file.
(2).Invade or damage AQUAGEN or others' reputation, privacy, business secrets, trademark, copyright, patent, other IP and other rights.
(3).Violate the confidentiality policy
(4).Counterfeit others to use the service
(5).Deliver or express computer virus
(6).Act any business behavior without AQUAGEN authorization
(7).Publish, deliver or send bulk mails, chained mails, illegal or unauthorized push-mail or sales advertisement; store any IP violation or illegal data.
(8). Cause any violated behavior from internet manner or troublesome or unhappiness to other members or the third party.
(9). Any unexpected purpose of behavior or any improper behavior considered by AQUAGEN.

7.Service content change and proactive sales marketing

(1).Members agree AQUAGEN to provide services, which AQUAGEN would base on sales needs and practical situation to increase/decrease, change or terminate related services items or contents. Our website will notify you any related major changes via provided email or message and announce on the website. If you do not agree for any of the change or modification, please stop using the service on the website and base on privacy policy to inform us for stopping collecting and processing your personal data.
(2)Members agree AQUAGEN to increase, modify or terminate any activities based on actual situation and choose the most proper method to notify members.
(3)Members agree AQUAGEN to deliver e-letter or DEM to registered emails. When members refuse to accept the sales marketing after receiving the messages, AQUAGEN will discontinue the action.
(4).Members agree AQUAGEN to send members’ benefits or product information to registered phone number via phone calls or text messages. When members refuse to accept the sales marketing after receiving the messages, AQUAGEN will discontinue the action.

8.Service termination / disconnection

AQUAGEN will use the reasonable way and techniques to remain the system and service operating normally. However, if there is any circumstances happen as below, AQUAGEN has the right to stop or disconnect the service:

(1).AQUAGEN website in process of maintenance of telecommunication equipment.
(2).Sudden telecommunication equipment crashed.
(3).AQUAGEN applied telecommunication service has been stopped and unable to provide service.
(4).Due to the disaster of inevitable reasons or any non-AQUAGEN responsibilities for the service stop.

9.Transaction behavior:

(1).Members do the transaction by our service should follow AQUAGEN provided product quantity and price to proceed.
(2).Members agree to use the service to order products. Before AQUAGEN notifies the transaction is success, AQUAGEN still has the right to not accept the order or cancel the shipment. After members notify AQUAGEN for the ordering, system will automatically send out the note. However, this note is not the order confirmation notification. Regarding the transaction success, AQUAGEN would send a separate notice. IF there is any error due to the order content for product or service by its transaction conditions (including but not limited to the specification, content description, or graph), AQUAGEN will still refuse the order within 2 working days with justified reasons (such as price labeling or discount error, or inadequate limited product delivery).
(3).If members use the service to order the products, then improperly return/exchange, or cancel the order, which causes any operational troublesome or damage to AQUAGEN, AQUAGEN may refuse, cancel the paid-by-delivery or terminate membership permanently. If members order the products belong to the situations as below: (i) pre-order (ii) no inventory on product page (iii) require allocation from suppliers (iv) deliver by the supplier; which occurs product shortage or supplier cannot supply due to some circumstances, so the order cannot be completed, AQUAGEN will use the most appropriate method (email and/or phone, mail or fax) to notify.
(4).Members use the service for transaction will follow the consumer protection law to act the right. Any ambiguity of the service policy for member transaction shall be explained .

10.Responsibilities limitation and elimination:

(1).The service provides different kinds of functions, which are used for the moment. AQUAGEN is not responsible for any of its expressed or hinted efficiency, speed, completion, reliability, security or accuracy.
(2).AQUAGEN will not promise the delivered emails or content without virus or so through the service website, server or internet; we will not promise email, file or transacting data all correct without any disconnection or error. Any damages caused by email, file or data transaction or save failure, loss or error will not be responsible by AQUAGEN, either.

11.ntelligent Protection:

(1).The software or program used by AQUAGEN and all the contents on the website, including but not limited to the edition, photo, file, information, data, website architect, website layout arrangement, and website design are owned by AQUAGEN or other beneficial for the IP. This includes but not limits to trademark, patent, edition right, business secret and unique techniques. No one is allowed to freely use, modify, re-do, publish, change, announce, re-program, decode or reverse translation. If members tend to quote any indicated software, program or website content above, they need to get the written agreement by AQUAGEN and other beneficial in advance. Respect the IP is the obligation for members, If there is any violation, members shall be responsible for any damages to AQUAGEN (including but not limited to the law suit fees and attorney fees).
(2).Based on respecting others’ IP, members agree to use AQUAGEN service and not to harm it.
(3).If members involve any violation, AQUAGEN can terminate all or partial service or cancel the member’s account directly.

12.Members’ authorization to AQUAGEN:

Regarding members upload, deliver, enter or provide information, they agree AQUAGEN website to collect, process, store, deliver and use the data in order to provide users other information and services, member statistical data, website behavior research or any legal usage. If members do not have the legal right to authorize others to use, modify, re-do, publish, change or announce any information and transfer the authorization to the third party, please do not upload, deliver, enter or provide the information to AQUAGEN. Any information uploaded, delivered, entered or provided by members to AQUAGEN, it will automatically be agreed to use, modify, re-do, publish, change or announce to AQUAGEN and able to transfer the authorization to others without any objections. [s5] members shall promise AQUAGEN any usage, modification, re-doing, publishing, changing, or announcing information will not violate any IP of third party, otherwise members shall be responsible for any damages to AQUAGEN (including but not limited to law suit fees and attorney fees)

13.Special authorization item:

Because of using the service for internet transaction or activities, it may deliver or retrieve by logistics companies for product (sample) delivery. Thus, for internet transaction or activities purposes, members agree and authorize AQUAGEN to provide their personal information (such as name, address, phone number…etc) to the logistics companies in order to complete the process of delivery or retrieval.

14.Refuse or terminate membership usage

Based on the transaction security concerns, members agree AQUAGEN to terminate members’ password, account (or any part), the service (or any part) usage, or any member content removal and deletion from the service. Besides, if members agree the service (or any part) usage to be terminated, AQUAGEN will not be responsible for the members or any third party.

15.Proper Law and Competent Court

The explanation and usage of the service article and any related transaction argument or dispute entanglements between members and AQUAGEN shall be followed by Taiwan Laws and considered Taipei court as first trial court. However, if the laws have different rules for the competent court shall still be followed the laws.