Privacy protection

1. Personal information security

Protecting members’ personal privacy is one of the essences of AQUAGEN. Without members’ permission, we would never provide members’ personal information to any unrelated third party. Members should protect their Internet password and personal information well and do not provide them to anyone. After finishing using Aquagen website services, please must remember to log out the account. If using shared or public computer, please remember to close the browse window.

2. Information Security

For protecting members’ privacy and safety, AQUAGEN uses password to protect members’ account information and will do our best to protect all personal information security via proper skill and procedure.

3. Personal information query or correction method.

If members have any needs of query, browse, copy, adding, correction, stop computer process or delete for their personal information, they may contact with customer center for further assistance.

4. Cookie

For members’easy-to-use, AQUAGEN website uses cookie technology to provide services for members. Cookie is the technology to use website server to communicate with members’ browser. It may randomly store the working in members’ computers in order to use distinguish users. If members close cookie may cause the dysfunction of log-in or unable to use shopping cart…etc.

5. Privacy Right protection policy revision

Following the market trend and environmental change, we will revise website policy untimed. If members have any questions for AQUAGEN website privacy right indication or personal information, please dial our customer service number: 0800-773-773

6. Personal information protection law notification

a.Collect company name: AQUAGEN
b.Collect purpose: provide related service, marketing, customer management and other co-marketing promotion events with other third party.
c.Personal information category: items (name, address, contact number, email address), characteristics (age, gender…etc), social situation (hobbies, leisure, lifestyle, consumer behavior…etc), others (emails, website messages, system automatic recording logs…etc) Personal information usage duration: during our website customer shopping valid date and 6 months after determination. If it’s not our website’s customer, it shall be 6 months after the collecting purpose disappeared.
d.Personal information usage area: sales execution and main server location for our company. Currently it’s Taiwan area.
e.Personal information usage personnel: within our company or co-op vendors through our out-sourcing (such as logistics, cash flow, complimentary for event, and exhibition vendors) If it’s shared collector for our company and other vendors, it shall be indicated in the shared collecting event.
f.Personal information usage method: based on collecting purpose and area and our company’s privacy right policy.
g.The method of using personal information right : according to personal information protection law #3, you have the right to query or request to browse your personal information, ask for copy, adding or change and also stop collecting, processing or usage and delete. You can mail the hard copy to: 8F-2 No 302 Rui-Kuan Rd, Ne-hu Dist, Taipei 114, Taiwan to apply. We will process your request immediately once we receive it.
h.Personal information option description: When we collect the personal information, related website page or document options, it is only to provide you the better experience with our website without impacting the right and benefits for you to use our service on the website.